ME giant VS YOU midgets

Posted by miera angela , Friday, February 25, 2011 9:21 PM

I don't mean to offend u petites *coughs* *midgets* *coughs* out there, but please do understand how does it feels like not blending in...

I am 165 cm & I've been QUITE tall all my life...
It is in the genes ( u should see my Dad ) so i never blamed anyone...

this is my cousin (I am still quite short eventhough I wore my tallest heels)
SEE what I mean?

I've been called with nasty names while growing up:
GIANT, FAT u just name it!
no one wants to be friends with the BIG girl...
no one wants to be friends with the UGLY girl...

I must admit that i wasn't the prettiest creature growing up but what gives u the right to call me those names???
I was created by HIM & so are YOU!
SO please please PLEASE be considerate!
I never asked to be this way~

I even hate it more when it comes to SHOPPING! (what else??)
It seems like all of the cute, pretty ( and cheap ) stuffs are all sized for the PETITE Asians...
My sizes are hard to find & are often too tight or too loose.

And do I have to mention about finding a guy TALL enough so that i could wear a 4-inch heels & still feel like a petite, innocent girl ( OK, TMI! )

So, the solution?

These babies have been my BFF since FOREVER!
(it is a good thing that I am tomboy-ish)
Cuts my spending on those expensive heels too...

Perhaps I should seriously consider living in Russia!
Will feel SUPER petite there then~

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