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It has been a while since i went on a real adventure, and last Sunday i just did...
Ah Moi keep bugging me to come along with our bunch of friends for a so-called picnic by the waterfall. She said it'll be fun because her boify (who will later act as our guide) had been there a few times...
I was reluctant at first, but as she kept on pleading, i finally gave in~

I seriously thought it was just a normal drive, park & jump-into-the-water kinda waterfall, but good heavens am i in for a surprise!

The designated place is 2 and a half hours drive from Shah Alam to Kuala Kubu Baru in Hulu Selangor (somewhere near to Fraser's Hill) and another 40 minutes hike uphill (YES! that far!) through a forest reserve called CHILING (cool name ay?)
It is a good thing i came well prepared! (as i always do =p)

check-ins at the ranger's office

posing at the entrance (not knowing what to expect)

HYPERventilated me!

the first crossing

water getting deeper at the next river crossings

TA-DAA!!! the reward!

SUPER hungry after all of that calorie burning!

AAAWWW! the towel gang~

mission accomplished!

We arrived at around noon & only went down at 4.30 pm. Surprisingly, there were a lot of other visitors who were there before us!
The water is indeed very CHILL-y & we soaked ourselves until our fingertips were shrunk & blue~

I dare say it is worth the every cut, bruise, sweat, blood & sprain that we all had during the trip...
Especially when u have very good friends to share it together with~

Blogger's note:
You will definitely appreciate ur CROCS more than ur Jimmy Choo's after this trip...

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