24th Wishlist

Posted by miera angela , Sunday, February 20, 2011 7:41 AM

It is less than a month now to my birthday, so i think it is only right for me to start on my wishlist...
(to EVERYONE, please take note!)

Ever since i laid my eyes on this advert, i'm HOOKED!
I guess most of U readers already knew about my passion for LOMO cameras and right now i only got my eyes on THIS:

Aint it a beauty???

I mean, how can ANYONE could ever resist???
It is a limited V-Day special edition...
But the price tag is...Oh me, Oh my!
It is WAAAYY out of my newly-working budget.

But i do do DO wish that I could get this as a Birthday present (pretty please with a cherry on top)
*hint hints*

And dear God, if i could get some additional wishes such as a salary raise or that new pants if been eyeing or a new bag
or this! want want WANT!!!

And this wouldn't hurt either =p

(but i STILL don't have my driving license yet!)

I know I am being UBER delusional, but dreaming is not a sin, right???

So, do not, i repeat, DO NOT try to ignore this post!
Thank you...

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miera angela Says:

go buy ur own!

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