Posted by miera angela , Monday, February 21, 2011 5:10 PM

Yesterday will be the day that i will never forget in my entire life....

12.45 pm
My officemates were arguing on where to have lunch (as usual)

1.00 pm
We all went to the elevator to go down

1.05 pm
*elevator door opens*
All of us went in, the elevator went up to the 12th floor, then down again to the 5th floor (i think)
3 senior citizens went in (despite the elevator being full)
*squeezes in*

*ground floor*
Elevator door is not opened.

::5 minutes later::
*door still not opened*

Elevator went up
1st floor
2nd floor
3rd floor
abruptly went down to the 2nd floor again...

GREAT... we are stuck!

SUPER packed with people!

nail biting moment!

attempts on opening the door

A friend of mine even managed to record our ordeal with her phone...

We got stuck in the elevator for almost an hour!
The maintenance were extremely late & they seemed like not to care at all!!!

SUPER SCARY but thank GOD i am not alone & for the good company i had...
We constantly laughed as my wacky colleagues keep on making silly jokes.
Eventhough without a proper ventilation (it is hot hot HOT & i can't breathe till my chest hurts), i dare say it is quite enjoyable...

But I wouldn't want to go through it EVER again!

I have an interesting life don't I???

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