Posted by miera angela , Friday, February 26, 2010 2:08 AM

I stumbled upon this cute green pre-loved baby doll top while I was browsing thru someone else’s blogshop one day, fell in love & ordered it the next second.
I waited anxiously for 3 days for the parcel to arrive. I admit, I do have high expectations for it…
When the day finally came, I rushed home & quickly tore the envelope open viciously. But to my surprise, it doesn’t came out the way I imagined it (based on the photo)
I thought it is a sexy satin with white lace trimmings & it will fits me PERFECTLY!
Well, it is not satin, but suede like material & the size is OVERLOADED! (obviously too big for me)
As I wept, I am still very thankful for it is not too expensive & it is not beyond repair (there is nothing my tingling, itchy fingers can’t do~ =p)
So, I grabbed my sewing kit & started sewing…
Eventhough it doesn’t look professionally repaired, but at least it fits me better~ (HURRAH!)
I even planned to wear it to the beach tomorrow (but still considering because obviously its gonna be hot hot hot & suede is not the coolest material)
Hmm…..We’ll see………………….

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