Paint The Town RED!

Posted by miera angela , Friday, February 12, 2010 11:35 AM

" Happy, happy CNY, happy happy U and I! "
I've been hearing that funky Chinese New Year song over and over again on 8tv until it got stuck on my head~ (to be honest, i kinda liked it..)

And it makes me think:
1. Mandarin Oranges!!! (never can get enough of them! i can finish like i whole box on my own~ =p)
2. Ang Pows : quite impossible to get for lack of Chinese relatives~ ( i don't even have any actually)
3. Perky & funny never-been-heard CNY songs on the radio..(don't understand but i just follow the beat, its FUN!)
4. Cool big-budget Chinese movies wit hawt, hawt, HAWT actors! ❤❤❤ *drools*
5. red, red, RED EVERYWHERE!!!

So, eventhough i don't know the true essence of CNY, (eventhough i looked like them =p)
but its fun to celebrate them together~

I know this is SO cliche, but in my opinion, this 1 Malaysia thingy is not such a bad idea~
I mean, what do we got to lose, RIGHT???

So, to who ever is celebrating, i would like to wish you all a very happy & prosperous Chinese New Year~


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