I HATE pens!

Posted by miera angela , Sunday, February 14, 2010 2:07 AM

The thing is, i had this habit (don't know if its bad or not, but for sure its ANNOYING). 
Don't know how it occurred but what i knew is, it won't happen when i chopped my hair short.
When my hair is long enough to tie or clip or bun, i will put my pens (for class) right in the middle (like when Chinese put chopsticks in their hair buns) for so called " it will be easy for my to take my pens when needed".

But the problem is, I AM SUPER FORGETFUL! (perhaps it comes with the age..*sigh*)
I will put a pen there after i finished writing something, then finds a new pen when i want to write again (because i thought that i might pit the pen back in the case). I will repeat the same action until all my pens in my case is gone then will start rambling all over to look for them EVERYWHERE!

I will panic & start to curse then i will ask everyone in class about where are my pens whereabouts.
Some people will notice, some won't or some notices but giggles & refuse to tell~
Once the class ends and when i touched my head or loosen up my bun, THERE THEY ARE!!!
Snugged nicely between my buns, ALL of them! 

So, like always, i will feel embarrassed then laugh at myself while making a promise not to repeat it.
But like i state before, I AM SUPER DUPER FORGETFUL!
I will keep on doing it over & over & OVER again~ 


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