i see dead kitty.......

Posted by miera angela , Monday, February 1, 2010 10:37 PM

This morning,while going down the stairs,i saw a very familiar cat lying underneath stacks of boxes in front of a house underneath mine.
I tried calling it, but there was no response. Feeling curious, i touched it with my feet & to my amazement, it was stone stiff.
i totally FREAKED OUT & continued walking.I felt guilty, sad & ashamed of myself for not doing anything~ But i was SO late for class!

I cant stop thinking bout the stiff body while in class~
I can only pray that the people leaving in the house will do something bout it...
But sadly,no~

When i got back, i hoped that the body is gone, but AMAZINGLY, it is still there!

Why those people don't do anything bout it?
Because it is impossible for them not to notice AT ALL!
The cat was lying in front of their doorstep!

I don't know if the cat was killed or not. But i just can't stop thinking bout it!

GOD! please help the poor kitty...
With shedding tears, I beg YOU~

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