A Day Not To Be Forgotten~

Posted by miera angela , Tuesday, March 2, 2010 3:57 AM

Last weekend, our department organised a kite festival called ARCHIKITE TERAJU 2010 at Sungai Besar, Kuala Selangor. So me & Mr.Apek felt SUPER excited bout it & decided to go...
We promised to depart at around 7.30 am, so I woke up at 5.30 just to prepare sandwiches & some snacks for our trip (that shows how eager i am for this trip because this is our first long distance trip together) but knowing him well, i already expected our lateness...
So, we finally departed at around 9, eat breakfast in the car & be ridiculously silly just to kill the 2 and a half hour ride time~ (the journey seems endless!)

Finally, we arrived safely & soundly ( thanks to the ridiculously expensive map of Selangor, kalau sesat gak, tak tau la...)
But to our surprise, we found out that there is NO ONE there except for the organizers & some forced labours (juniors, obviously)
Devastated, tired & uber disappointed, we head out to explore this quite little town.
Geared with my borrowed shades (his cousin's) & HIS DSLR camera, we head out to snap out good memories of this alien town.

First, we went to the market to buy some pineapples ( his gramps asked him to) & while browsing, i snapped some pictures of anything that caught my eyes.
Apparently, without me noticing, everyone was looking~
They shouted just to get my attention to snap their pictures...
There is even this one uncle asked me where i was from (in ENGLISH!) while i was taking a picture of a sleeping kitty because he thought i was an outside tourist~


Later on, we went back to the event at around noon the crowd was building up (thank GOD!)
We stayed, continue to take more nice pictures ( because the view of the open paddy field is breathtaking) 
& enjoyed ourselves under the flaming sun...

They were having this scarecrow making competition & was setting them up in the dry paddy fields. 
Excited, i decided to join because i thought it will make a nice collection to my photo album...

I was approaching the paddy fields, then SPLASH!
In mere seconds, i found half of my body wet & my legs were split up!
I slipped into this HUMONGOUS water drain while trying to cross it ( don't ask me how) in front of EVERYONE!
No doubt, that was the most ridiculously humiliating moment in my life like, EVER!
Wet & in pain, i tried to free myself from the deep drain with some help from a few girls there ( thanks a lot people)
I managed to ruin my new pants & my white dress... (GREAT!)

Thankfully there was a toilet nearby & i washed up & change~
(Praise GOD that he got some spare clothes in his car)
I was too embarrassed to face the world, so we decided to go back ( actually i'm the 1 who wanted to go back, for obvious reasons)

Along the way, he suggested that we spend the rest of the day somewhere else because it is still quite early~
So, i went back & change, went to his home to pick up his mum & head out to PAVILLION K.L.

We had a nice dinner at DOME, went window shopping at J.W Marriot Hotel & went back home...
Eventhough we spend half of the day in the car, it is definitely a day well spent~



 The crime evidence

Finally, Pavillion

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