This is why I don't really like RESEARCH!

Posted by miera angela , Sunday, May 30, 2010 11:44 PM

I went back home to Johor on Saturday ( coz my dad nagged me to do so) then have to go back to Shah Alam the next day because i had to meet my adviser on Monday : coz i lost my weekly attendance sheet for my research & i need her to resign a new one
(No, i don't treat my house like a hotel eventhough sure feels like it)

So here i am on a hot Monday noon, walking for half an hour to the faculty with full spirit just to see her but when i do, she asked me to fill in the comments she had wrote before this first~

I was like....WHAT?????

How am i suppose to REMEMBER??????
I can hardly remeber my Mama's Birthday!!!
(pathetic, i know...but hey, they don't invent reminders for nothing... =p)

Can't u just sign for heaven's sake!!!

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