A shoppaholic can NEVER retire~

Posted by miera angela , Sunday, May 30, 2010 11:53 AM

I've been Miserably sick for the past few days...i had fever, flu & i keep coughing until i can feel my lungs are coming out!
Perhaps its the weather or perhaps GOD is punishing me for having so much fun ( and LUCK!) shopping when i promised myself that i need to save up...

Let me take u down my memory lane to about 3 days ago.......
( cloudy cloudy cloudy...)

..: I was having this miserable day...I cried non-stop for a few hours until i can hardly breathe~
(for some reason that was too boring too mention yada yada yada...)
So, Mr.Apek decided to cheer me up by taking me out for a date. So we head out to Sunway Pyramid, bought ticket to watch Prince of Persia (on the first day mind you...) and while waiting for our 7 p.m movie, we decided to kill our time window shopping....

We went in Forever 21 & while browsing, i was so taken aback by the SUPER DUPER cheap sale!
Without further a due, i grab a few stuffs, went straight to the fitting room & then straight to the cashier~
Got 3 cool stuffs that i am really satisfied with...(smiling all the way to the movie that's for sure!)

After the awesome movie, i need to buy some toiletries n stuffs.....Surprisingly, i got everything for almost half the price i used to pay!!!
(Now THAT is what i call a GOOD SHOPPING DAY~)

It was nearly 10 & the mall was about to close down.so we head to the parking area & to my amazement (surprise surprise) i met 2 people i miss the MOSTest ( sorry for the exaggeration)

I mean, i' ve been yearning to meet them since a year ago but we kinda got lost in contact...
Our brief meeting was such a pleasant surprise~ :..

What a good way to end my HALFly perfect day =)

I think it is worth every drop of all this mucus running out of my nose don't you think so???

Gosh, I really REALLY to start saving from N.O.W!!!

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