Commuting Commuter

Posted by miera angela , Monday, July 18, 2011 5:26 AM

Last Sunday, my aunt invited me to her house for a Kenduri because My grandma is gonna be there as well...
I haven't seen them for quite a while u see~
So I am excited as I am in despair.

I dreaded my life every single time I had to go there on my own not because I don't like her or anything...
Its just that she lives somewhere near Petaling Jaya so the best way to get there is by the last thing on the planet I wanna get involved with:


Reasons why the hell I & (and everyone else) hated using the Commuter so damn much:
1. They are NEVER on TIME!
2. Sure feels like being in a sardine can in especially during peak hours even in the Ladies Coach!
The 'doubted' lady in front of me..picture got blurred cause I was shaking while snapping this picture & pretended that I was texting~
Paparazi SANGAT!

and last but not least...

3. The SMELL!!!!!

Have u ever sat or stand next to a *coughs* foreigner *coughs* that doesn't even know that DEODORANT ever existed????

It is VERY sad how we all don't have any other choice but to depend on the unreliable~

2 Response to "Commuting Commuter"

reyd Says:

all the more reason for you to naik komuter lagi kerap, so you can guess when's the peak hour and elak them:D

miera angela Says:

sometimes when u can't avoid that, its like hell...
but to me, komuter mmg like that all the time~

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