Choices We Made

Posted by miera angela , Saturday, January 29, 2011 11:04 AM

Don't u just hate CHOICES???
especially when u don't even wanna choose...

Like when having to choose between a cute dress or a hot heels,
choosing between boyfriends,
or even choosing between job offers...

I mean, why can't we just have it ALL?
I wanted to buy a dress AND a bag.
I wanted to have 2 boyfriends (or even more) =p
I wanted to work at a cooler new office but i still think about the current place~

*sigh sigh sigh*
I never like CHOICES...
It is tough!
because i am no good in making any~

3 Response to "Choices We Made"

shah Says:

boyfriends? hmmm... interesting.

miera angela Says:

something that caught ur attention~

shah Says:

i know things that u never realised, i know every steps u take. i know every move u make. :)

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